The Best 5 Middle Schools & High Schools in Stockholm, Sweden

The Best 5 Middle Schools & High Schools in Stockholm, Sweden

 Many individuals consider Sweden to be the "ideal" country. Sweden, like every other country, has its issues, but it also excels in a number of areas. Education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and gender equality are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed. Stockholm, Sweden's capital, also has a large foreign community with good amenities for ex-pats. There are many foreign schools to choose from, the oldest of which was founded in 1981.

Sweden's education system is regarded as one of the greatest in the world, and public education is provided free of charge. So, why should you enroll in an international school? Instead of the traditional Swedish curriculum, Stockholm's foreign schools provide a number of options. The International Baccalaureate, as well as German, British, and French curriculum, are examples. If you are not planning to make Stockholm your permanent residence, an alternate curriculum will ensure that your child's education remains constant over time.

Because Sweden's education system is so good, local Swedish youngsters attending international schools in Stockholm is uncommon (but not unheard of). The student body of the city's international schools is typically highly diverse, giving your child the opportunity to interact with children from many cultures and nations. 

90 percent of Swedes speak English as a second language, and they do so at a very high level. So, if your child's English language skills are a top priority, you'll have nothing to worry about in any of Stockholm's international schools. The majority of them provide education in both English and Swedish, or the language of the curriculum the school teaches (e.g., German, French etc.). In general, language education is highly valued in Sweden.

There's more excellent news to come. You'll be relieved to learn that fee-charging schools are uncommon in Sweden, including at Stockholm's foreign schools. a few schools, if approved by the Swedish National Agency for Education, receive government financing and hence do not collect tuition. Several of Stockholm's international schools come under this category, which is known as 'friskolor.' However, some schools operate outside of this framework, so check to see if a school is fee-paying before enrolling your child!

Stockholm is home to a number of international schools. The neighborhoods close south and north of the city center, Sodermalm and Norrmalm, have the highest number of schools.

Danderyd, a prominent northern suburb, is also a popular site, and additional foreign schools may be found in the suburbs. Outside of Stockholm, foreign schools can be found in Malmo and Gothenburg, Sweden's second and third largest cities. However, Stockholm offers the most and greatest options.

We've produced a list of the best 5 international schools in Stockholm. In the city, however, there are another 9 schools to pick from. By customizing your search results, you can choose the finest international school for your child. Simply enter your search parameters, and we'll generate a personalized score for each international school in Stockholm that meets your criteria. 

Best 5 International Schools in Stockholm:

  • LycĂ©e Francais Saint Louis Stockholm
  • Deutsche Schule Stockholm 
  • Kungsholmens Gymnasium  
  • Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm   
  • Europaskolan 

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